We've been part of the specialty coffee community for over 20 years building quality coffee culture. We started roasting in the outskirts of Lund since 2009. We focus on unique coffees that showcase their terroir with a high quality. We always aim to build longterm relationships with our producers in order to ensure sustainable conditions regarding trade and environmental practises.

From Bean to Brew

We're currently on our 3rd roast machine. We've always worked with Diedrich, an american built machine, that allows 100% manual control. This is important because all our coffees have their own specific roast profile. The one we are using now is a 25 kg drum roaster. Every week we do sensory analysis of all coffees roasted the week before to ensure that we're on
point regarding our profiles. Coffee is a living product and we need to follow the life cycle of each coffee in order to bring out the best of its potential.

Order our coffees

Every bag is packed by hand within 30 minutes of the roast to ensure maximum freshness. We personally deliver our coffees to local clients every week and also send out freshly roasted orders throughout Sweden and internationally.

Order our coffees through our webshop or contact us for wholesale orders.