• Los Quetzales
  • Los Quetzales

    Los Quetzales

    The Sagastume family has been producing coffee for several decades, and this is the third year we are buying coffee from the family. This time, it is from the youngest brother, Yerin, who is responsible for the farm Los Quetzales, where this lot of Pacas has grown.

    When the coffee cherries are harvested, they are immediately taken to the family's washing station. The washing and drying process begins on the same day the coffee is harvested. The beans are placed in a cement tank with some of the pulp left to ferment for 16-24 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed with fresh spring water before being laid on raised beds to dry for 14 days. The coffee is continuously turned to ensure it dries as evenly as possible.

    Tasting Description:
    Chocolate, Marzipan, Pear

    All coffee is packaged as whole beans in 250g bags. Store the coffee in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness.

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