Christmas Giftbox

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This christmas smells like coffee!

A locally produced giftbox made entirely from coffee. A collaboration between Love Coffee &  Go Cirkulär.

The small box contains coffee from Love Coffee, Body scrub from Go Cirkulär and chocolate bar from Hovby No 9.

The big box contains coffee from Love Coffee, Body scrub from Go Cirkulär and a reusable cup from Huskee.

Go Cirkulär: Body scrub with repurposed coffee grounds with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Smoothing and energizing. 100% Natural ingredients. Vegan. Suitable for all genders.

Love Coffee: Our Christmas coffee this year is a blend of specialty coffee from Guatemala and Brazil suitable for any palet.

Hovby No 9: Locally produced chocolate made from cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cane suger, bourbon vanilla and espresso from Love Coffee.

Huskee: Reusable cup made by repurposed coffee husk. Durable and reusable.


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Farm name: Fazenda Primavera, Brazil / El Aguacate, Guatemala
Variety: Yellow bourbon / Bourbon, Caturra.
Location: Minas Gerais / Huehuetenango
Process: Natural / Washed

We buy this coffee with the help of our partners Ally who frequently visits the farm and support the progress. From origin the coffee will reach it´s destination in Hamburg where it is stored for us in a newly built climatic controlled warehouse. This keeps the coffee fresh and in excellent condition when we bring it home to Lund continuously throughout the year.

Always use
Freshly ground coffee
Clean equipment
Clean water

Water temperature

6-7g per decilitre

Additional information

Size / Grind

Big box / Whole Bean, Big box / Filter / Medium, Big box / Moka / Fine, Big box / French Press / Coarse, Small box / Whole Bean, Small box / Filter / Medium, Small box / Moke / Fine, Small box / French Press / Coarse

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