Brew Better Coffee At Home

500 kr excl. tax

Do you want to take your coffee brewing to the next level.  Come and learn about what you can do to improve your brewing at home, and how simple it can be with just a little bit of knowledge.

In a two hour course, we will cover coffee basics, basic extraction theory, explore a little of the more advanced topics and of course brew a lot of coffee.  By brewing together and tasting and evaluating, by the end of the course you should be able to taste the effects of different brewing variables and know how to affect them.

The course is for a very small class and will be held in English by Steven Moloney.  Steven is our Head Barista and is the 2016 Swedish National Barista Champion.

Our courses are held at the cafe in Lund (Klostergatan 1), starting at 18:30.  These classes are for very small groups and unfortunately we cannot refund or change dates if you cancel within 24 hours of the course beginning.

**Our workshops will resume after the summer, subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about upcoming events**

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