Espresso Royale

Daniel’s signature drink from the 2007 Swedish Barista Championships. The Espresso Royale is a carbonated coffee drink with a fresh character, slightly dry just like a good champagne, with the distinct coffee notes in the aftertaste.


  • Espresso (single shot)
  • 1cl concentrated blackberry juice
  • 6cl pomegranate juice
  • 3 drops lemon juice
  • 3cl carbonated mineral water


  1. Mix pomegranate juice, lemon juice and blackberry juice in a soda streamer.
  2. Load with a cylinder and carbonate lightly.
  3. Fill a champagne glass to half with the juice mixture.
  4. Brew a single espresso shot and chill with ice in a shaker or glass.
  5. Add espresso to the champagne glass, stir and top with mineral water.