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The Cafferinha was Daniel’s winning signature drink in the 2008 Swedish Barista Championships. Ingredients: 1 lime (3 quarters) 2 teaspoons of raw sugar Espresso (single shot) Crushed ice Method: Mix lime and raw sugar in an old-fashioned tumbler glass. Add espresso (single shot) and fill with crushed ice. Serve with a straw!

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Espresso Royale

Daniel’s signature drink from the 2007 Swedish Barista Championships. The Espresso Royale is a carbonated coffee drink with a fresh character, slightly dry just like a good champagne, with the distinct coffee notes in the aftertaste. Ingredients: Espresso (single shot) 1cl concentrated blackberry juice 6cl pomegranate juice 3 drops lemon juice 3cl carbonated mineral water […]

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