Kawa Kabuya

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The Kawa Kabuya cooperative is producing great coffees with unique notes coming from a country with many challenges. DR Congo has seen many tragedies due to civil war during a long time and agriculture has suffered and thus the people of the land. Kawa Kabuya is situated in the region of North Kivu bordering Uganda. This a volcanic region with high altitudes very suitable for farming high-quality coffees. The cooperative and its community is certain that their way forward in life and out of poverty is through farming high-quality coffees. The degree of motivation and investment in the communities at the base of Kawa Kabuya is rarely seen. We really found something unique in this coffee and hope to see many fruitful harvests to come.

” Since the start of the Kawa Kabuya, producers have seen their initial investment get repaid in the first year. After two years, they saw their returns doubled. Thanks to the focus on quality and proper farming, processing and selection practices, the prices they have received were unseen up to now in the collective memory. They can send all their children to primary school, or even to secondary school and university. They can save the money, buy more land, build new houses or improve theirs, or get medical care. Some of the elders in the villages still recall the success of the colonial coffee plantations. The difference now is that the producers themselves are in full control of what happens to their coffee, and receive all premiums for the sold coffee how they decide as a community. 64% of the price that Kawa Kabuya manages to get for its coffee goes back to producers. The other 37% is used to pay taxes, milling costs and permanent staff, among other things. What remains is invested into the micro-washing station funds, which are used for maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure.” – Sofie Nys

To read more about the cooperative and the work behind the coffee please read the great blog post from Sofie Nys. https://www.32cup.com/kawa-kabuya-visiting-drc-coffee/


Violets, lavender, apricots, rhubarb and chocolates.



Origin: DR Congo, North Kivu, Lubero & Bashu region

Altitude: 1580-1800 mass

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Bourbon

Drying: Raised beds, sun-dried.

Soil: Volcanic soil

Exporter: Kawa Kabuya Cooperative, DR Congo

Importer: Tropicore, Switzerland

Supplier: Ally Coffee, Sweden

Always use:
Freshly ground coffee
Clean equipment
Clean water

Water temperature:

per decilitre