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”Sweet and generous with a fruit-kick.“


Juicy, tart cherries, toffee, vanilla.



Name: Karani wet mill, Kabare farmers cooperative Society
Country: Kenya
Region / Area: Central Kenya,Kirinyaga East District, Gichugu
Division, Kabare Location, Kirima Sub- location
No. of Producers: 1500 Members
Average Production: 350,000 Kg cherry
Process: Timely and selective hand picking is carried out in Karani.
Cherry is delivered to wet mill the same day it is picked.
Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the
pulping. Red ripe cheries are separated from underipes,
overipes and foreign matter. Processing utilizes clean river
water (wet processing) that is recirculated before disposal into
seepage pits. Sun drying is done before delivery of the coffee
to the dry mill for secondary processing.
Varieties: SL 28, SL34 constitute 95% while the rest is Ruiru 11
Flowering: Main crop- March and Fly crop- October each year
Average rainfall: 1450 -1700 mm per year. The rains are in two seasons , short
and long rains. Early crop depends on short rains that come
between october – November. Main crop receives adequate
rain between March and June each year
Altitude: 1500-1750 Metres Above Sea Level 19 – 28 Degree Celsius
Soils: Deep red volcanic soils

Coffee is sourced through Trabocca.

Always use:
Freshly ground coffee
Clean equipment
Clean water

Water temperature:

per decilitre